The Local History Museum is open 14.6.-30.7.2023
(except Sunday 16.7.2023)
from Wednesday to Sunday 11-17, free entrance, welcome!
Open for groups at other times as agreed. Welcome!


The Local History Museum displays the local traditions of Parkano. The grain warehouse finished in 1890 next to the Parkano Church stores the section of the Baron of Parkano, Gustaf Wrede af Elimä, a local bedroom and cabin and a selection of tools. Upstairs there is a large quantity of old items from the Parkano Church, acting for example as a reminder of the lighting that struck the tower of the Parkano Church on Midsummer Day, 24th of June 1928.

The specialties of the museum are the tools of the town shoemaker and midwife, an exhibition showcasing the making of pettuleipä (bread with pine bark), and Germund Paaer’s replica of the painting “The Defense of the Sampo” by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.


Gustaf Wrede af Elimä, the Baron of Parkano

The Baron of Parkano had worked as the forester of the Parkano region and retired in 1917, after which his most important hobby was participating in the White Guard. The unusually dressed Baron, who often performed peculiar and tasteless pranks, became known all around Parkano due to his work.

On White Guard camps people were fascinated by the old, long-bearded man who told about his memories of the Finnish Civil War at the campfire and smoothly joined in with the generals. Thus, the Baron became a celebrity to the people of Finland, remembered to this day all over the country.