360° panorama images from the Forestry Museum, welcome to the tour!

Open during the summer from the 13th of June to the 5th of August on Wed-Sun from 11am to 5pm.
Open for groups at other times as agreed.

The area is also accessible outside of the opening hours for hiking and enjoying nature. There’s a two-kilometre trail within the area of the Forestry Museum, passing by the magnificent Messukallio.

Right now the landscape is extremely dry, and starting fire is prohibited due to the risk of forest fire.
You can see the up-to-date forest fire warnings here. The warnings must be followed as adviced.

Ticket prices:

Adults:           2€
7 – 16 years:    1€
under 7:         free
Under 20 visitors: 25€
Over 20 visitors: 35€

The Forestry Museum guide’s phone number: +358 44 786 5757


The Forestry Museum showcases the history of the forest industry all the way from rise of the sawmill industry in the 1860s to the mechanization in the 1960s. Within the area of the Forest Museum there’s an exhibition hall, a logging hut, a sauna, a horse stable and forestry machinery. Near the museum you will also find a trail, the Messukallio cliff, a beach, lean-to shelters and campfire sites.

Polkuja metsään (Paths to the forest), an exhibition produced by the Pirkanmaa Nature Conservation District, was open at the Parkano Forestry Museum in August 2007. It is the first permanent exhibition displaying forest conservation in all of the country’s museums. The exhibition sheds light on the importance of forests for the Finnish people, the changes in our forest environments and the history and current condition of forest conservation. The exhibition also showcases the activity of environmental organizations and the ways a forest owner can protect forest ecosystems.

The hiking trail of Käpykintukka takes you through the scenery of lake Kaidatvedet from Forestry Museum to Käenkoski. The length of the trail is about 7 km. The duckboards on the path are currently being repaired. The Vesipääsky ferry stops at the Forestry Museum. The museum is an excellent place for outdoors physical activities, trips and for organizing various kinds of events. The museum allows for unobstructed movement, and therefore acts as a good trip destination for people and groups with mobility constraints.

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