Welcome to explore the Town of Parkano! Parkano is a compact and potent industrial town with its own unique characteristics. While scent of metal is constantly present in both music and industry, in the riverside splitting the town it is rather that of woods and green meadows.

Right now things are well in Parkano in every respect. The number of workplaces in the area is greater than the number of employed people living here. One of the nation’s main roads passes by the centre and the town even has its own railway station. The standard of services is equivalent to that of a larger city. Parkano also has its own gymnasium school with a special emphasis on musical theatre. You can find large stores, a sports hall and an indoor ice rink here, as well as many recreational sites, quality residential areas and amazing natural landscapes.

The untamed wilderness meets modern jobs and services here in Parkano. Would you enjoy a house with a large yard and a lakeside view right next to all the essential services, with affordable housing and secure surroundings, taking into account that the cost is similar to that of a small apartment in a larger city?

Oh, and while we do have plenty of jobs here, you can, too, work elsewhere just fine. Tampere, for example, is only a 35-minute train trip away. Commuting is exceptionally easy from Parkano, and the easy access to transportation is already used extensively. How much time do you waste waiting in traffic each day? We believe that we can offer a more compelling, inexpensive and enjoyable alternative to living in the outskirts.

Parkano is located in the corner between three regions – Pirkanmaa, Satakunta and Etelä-Pohjanmaa. Tampere, Seinäjoki and Pori are all within an hour’s distance, and Parkano’s connections are excellent for travelling to work, for example. Highways 3 and 23 intersect in Parkano, and the city also has access to the nation’s main railroad track. Our region is an excellent location for businesses that value fast, reliable and cost-efficient connections.

Parkano has long-standing traditions in the machine-building and metal industries and well as the forest industry. There are also active companies in the plastic and shoe industries in Parkano. Parkano has good commercial services in relation to the size of the city. Along highway 3 there is the shopping area of Kolmoskeskus. There are also many small specialty stores in the town.

Welcome to explore the possibilities offered by the Town of Parkano!

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The Vision of the Town of Parkano

The Parkano Town Council has defined its vision in the 2015 city strategy as follows:

 “Parkano is a subregional centre of commerce and industry. It offers its citizens comprehensive and high-quality services in a safe and naturally beautiful environment.”

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